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Physiotherapy Benefits: Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Physiotherapy

We often hear “I’m sorry for wasting your time” or “I know I should have come earlier”. A majority of our patients feel that they are coming too early for care because it might resolve on its own. The other half often feel like they have waited too long. That simple ache compounded into something more than they even imagined . Here are the 5 top reasons and benefits for choosing physiotherapy.

Jannalee Physiotherapy

1. When you develop a new pain

New pains can come on at any time. Usually from an accident (like a slip or fall) or other times it is from doing too much. Come in when that normal feeling body part starts to ache, throb or feel stuck.

2. A new pain starts to change… in a bad way

It is unrealistic to think that we don’t all have some sort of ache or tightness that we manage on a daily basis. This is a normal part of aging. It is when that manageable ache no longer becomes manageable. The pain grows in size and/or intensity, that is a reason to come in.

3. You are no longer able to do things that you used to be able to do

Here is one that I think is pretty important but patients often downplay. Patients will often describe tasks that they haven’t been able to do for weeks or even months. “I am unable to sleep on my sore side” or “I am unable to wash my hair or shave”. They have accepted that as their new normal. I just want to say; “IT’S NOT!!!”

4. You are unsure how to manage your pain

Patients often feel lost in the overwhelming amount of choices. Heat OR Cold? Chiro OR Massage? Rest or Push Through? A physiotherapist can help guide you through a treatment plan that has clear direction and strategies. Don’t stress about your injury. Let us help.

5. To say Hi and tell your physio how amazing you are doing.

This is my personal favorite. I LOVE when past patients come stop in or send an email to say how great they are doing!! It makes me so happy to hear about my client’s successes and how they have been able to say pain free.

So there you have it. 5 reasons to see a physical therapist. Don’t ever feel bad that you are coming in “too early” or that things are “too far gone”. Remember that it is our job to help.

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