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Best Injury Management Tips: How to Take Care of My Injury

It’s hard to keep up with all the changes in managing injuries.

  • Is it ice or is it heat?

  • Do I use a brace or should I use crutches?

  • Is it normal to swell?

"PEACE & LOVE  method to facilitate full recovery"


Here is a simple acronym to follow: PEACE & LOVE.

Let's Break it Down:

P: Protect- Avoid activities that make your pain worse

E: Elevate- Position the injured area higher than your heart

A: Avoid Anti-Inflammatories- Do not take anti inflammatory medication and avoid icing the area as it could affect long term tissue healing.

C: Compress- Using tensor bandages or elastic tape to reduce swelling

E: Education- Seek out a health care professional to help you navigate your recovery.

L: Load-Gradually increase your load as your pani decreases

O: Optimism- Be confident and positive about your recovery

V: Vascularisation- Promote blood flow by participating in light cardio activities

E: Exercise- Be active.

That is it!! These are the tips to help facilitate a full recovery.

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